We are not the typical Salon here at DivaLipps Body Shop, we are FAMILY. Our unique approach with consultations, services, and health coach support are Included in the service cost by appointment only so you have our full attention. The aromatic, soft music, beautiful environment and top of the line body contour and sculpting machine & tools to provide the Maximum results for your desired goals. DivaLipps provides a Holistic wellness approach with the best practices to ensure same day results. Each service and conversations is handled with care and confidentiality. DivaLipps body shop brand compliments the Beauty industry Wellness & Growth Mindsets as well as Confidence, Resilience and Tenacity. DLBS  offers the transformation skills for a Lifelong Holistic, Mental and Physical Transitions leveling up to gain the sparkle, smile, sexy walk-clothes-photos for all Diva’s and Gent’s.

Our prices are individual to each client with bundles to MAXIMIZE your results. We have All-In-Commitment Guarantee providing “Self-Focus Time, Uninterrupted Service, Beautiful Aromatic Essential Oil Scents, Top of the Line Education Equipment & Technology and Safe Environment.





 We strive on giving you the support you may be lacking from family, friends, co-workers and yourself. Healthy Holistic transitions prevent plastic surgery, omit extreme costs, doctor bills and most importantly, downtime. The Non-Invasive Services will Provide:

  • Satisfaction with YOUR bodies

  • Fulfillment in YOUR sex life

  • Balance Social performance

  • decrease Physical discomfort

  • increase self-esteem



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A Diva's Vision 

A Diva's Vision 

              The vision of Non-Invasive Body Contouring – Sculpting for DivaLipps Body Shop, LLC begin during 2021 COVID-19 Pandemic. As a Florida Licensed Cosmetologist Deanna M. Williams tapped into staying a Diva while working from home. Deanna tried body contouring as a client & during her experience the service offered was unprofessional bedside manner and lack of education.  this Service encouraged her to build a body shop brand with an abundance of education and experience. 
our customer service Knowledge, Bedside Manner, Experience, Trustworthy Best Practices, Client Confidentiality, and blessings from OUR MOST HIGH GOD, sets us aside from most!

DivaLipps Mission 

              As a body contouring practitioner in Tallahassee, Florida, our mission is to provide uplifting services and support for women and men that put their life before their body. DLBS provides services from a mature professional that offers objective motivation for self love & more, . We are in this together. It is our position to support each client, explain in detail answers to all questions, and boost your confidence.